Hello! I am Gregory Bochkarev

2 years experience Product Manager
3 years experience iOS Software Engineer

Creating mobile apps since 2016

From idea to PMF
Available for hire
Key Skills
Technical background with strong analytical skills.
Deep understanding of customer and business needs.
iOS Applications
3 applications developed from idea to revenue.
2 applications developed in teams
Tens of wireframes and mockups designed
Set up, maintain and gain data. I have experience with Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics, Amplitude, Metrica, GTM, Google Data Studio and AirTable
No-Code and MVP solutions
I know how to test hypotheses fast and reliable using no-code solutions. Integromat, Adalo, AirTable, Bubble, Zapier
Product vision
I manage a consumer-focused product mobile roadmap, making strategic adjustments as needed based on consumer needs, data, and business priorities.
I translate the upcoming product roadmap backlog into requirements documents (specs) with clear prioritization among features. Leaded engineering teams using Asana, Jira, and Trello. 
My projects as a PM

From MVP to 5000$ MRR
1 no-code developer

From MVP to 17 000$ MR
3 developers

8 month project work in a team of 11 Developers

My projects as a developer:
I made this application as a freelancer. The client had no knowledge in IT business, so I lead her through all the steps from idea to App Store. The application is a catalog of audio meditations with statistic. Audios can be downloaded or played online. Customer can log in with facebook or VK accounts to see statistic on different devices.

I used Firebase as back-end: Realtime Database, Storage, Authentication and Analytics.
Technologies: Facebook SDK, SwiftyVK, Sketch, Adobe XD, Crashlytics, TestFlight and Fabric

November 2017 - January 2019
I was hired to improve and refactor existing carsharing application. It had only few base features, actually it was MVP. After half a year sales grows and it become more than 500 cars so I was asked to lead hired junior developers. The application was redesigned and become stable. Many features were added: RSS news, push-notifications, Apple pay, car filter, bluetooth connection with cars, SMS-based authentication, OpenStreetMaps, QR-scanner and so on. In 2020 company made exit to Mail.Ru group

Technologies: GoogleMaps, MapKit, Firebase Remote Config, PassKit, Alamorfire, REST API, Zeppelin, Trello, JIRA, BitBucket.
My own
1. BeatForFit
Training performance aware music recommendation.

Application, which delivers a music that matches current user's heart rate or cadence in order to increase training performance. Specifically, it dynamically selects and play a song that suits user's tempo. But it also provides an ability to manually set up playlists in order to plan desired training pace.

Moreover, BeatForFit receive data from heartbeat sensors and accelerometers to detect cadence and give more accurate suggestions. It may conceivably improve training performance up to 10% according to many research papers.

Technologies: SpotifyAPI for online bpm detection, TempiBeatDetection for offline bpm detection, Accelerate.framework, Realm Database, Apple Music, Apple Health, Alamorfire, Pedometer.
2. X-Mess
2D arcade-shooter game

Christmas game about how Santa deliver gifts and rescued the christmas from Grinch again. Easy controls and funny sounds with pixel graphics.
X-Mess listed in "Most Relaxing Games To Play On Your IOS Devices" article
3. Mayakovsky

Poems collection of great Mayakovsky. Poems have some additional info. Application is still developing and some features will be added.

Now available for Sailfish OS.
iOS version is coming soon.

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